FAQs about Our Services

01 How can I inquire about different information?

Call us at +66 2-765-3000

  • The hospital collaborates with the Comptroller General’s Department.
  • For state enterprise employees, please inform us of your eligibility before each treatment.
  • Social Security is applicable for patients undergoing hemodialysis.

Our hospital is ready to serve you, except for brain surgery. We have a team of specialized doctors and nurses trained according to professional standards, especially for kidney disease patients.

Bhumirajanagarindra Kidney Institute Hospital is located at 8/99 Phaya Thai Road, Thung Phaya Thai Subdistrict, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok 10400.

Bhumirajanagarindra Kidney Institute Hospital is a private hospital that focuses on efficient management and flexibility with reasonable service rates. You can claim reimbursement from the Comptroller General’s Department and state enterprises.

You can reach us via:

Operating Hours

แผนกOperating HoursFloorContact Number
Hemodialysis Department06:00 – 16:00, closed on Sundays2nd Floor+66 2-765-3000-3380
5th Floor Inpatient Department24 hours5th Floor+66 2-765-3000-5501
6th Floor Inpatient Department24 hours6th Floor+66 2-765-3000-6601
Finance Department07:00 – 16:001st Floor+66 2-765-3000-3025
Outpatient Department (OPD)07:00 – 16:001st Floor+66 2-765-3000-3156
Emergency Room (ER)24 hours1st Floor+66 2-765-3000-3055
Pharmacy Counter07:00 – 16:001st Floor+66 2-765-3000-3039
Customer Relations Department24 hours1st Floor+66 2-765-3000
Reception and Registration Department24 hours1st Floor+66 2-765-3000

There are 3 types of inpatient rooms:

  • Standard
  • Deluxe
  • Suite

You can do this in 2 ways:

  1. Contact the Reception Counter at the Medical Records Department, located in the service lobby near the Finance Department on the 1st floor. Please bring your ID card or a letter of authorization.
  2. Send the details and supporting documents, including a copy of the patient’s ID card, and specify the treatment period (if requesting on behalf of the patient, please attach a copy of the requester’s and patient’s ID cards along with a letter of authorization). The hospital processes documents from 07:00-15:00 on working days. For more information, please call +66 2-765-3000.

You can contact the Registration Department / Customer Relations Department on the 1st floor to register for services. Please bring your ID card or passport on the day of your visit.

You can make and confirm appointments through the Line Application by adding our LINE ID @BKIDNEY. Alternatively, you can contact us at +66 2-765-3000 to discuss and schedule an appointment.

The medical expenses may vary depending on the disease or individual due to differences in response to treatment. If you have any questions, you can ask the staff at the relevant department to assess the costs and provide consultation regarding expenses.