Health Checkup

Health Checkup

Health Checkup

Patients in the end-stage of chronic kidney disease may encounter the inability of the kidneys to effectively eliminate waste from the body. Cause to accumulation of waste products in the bloodstream necessitates blood dialysis to replace for the lost kidney function, thereby improving the patient’s quality of life and extend their lifespan. In certain instances, it may also serve as a bridge to a potential kidney transplant in the future.

Hemodialysis involves withdrawing blood from a patient experiencing chronic kidney failure. The blood is then circulated through a hemodialysis machine, which acts as a substitute for the kidneys by eliminating waste and excess fluids. After purification, the cleansed blood is returned to the patient’s body through a system designed to prevent contamination, ensuring that the reintroduced blood is free from various germs and remains in a clean state.


We offer state-of-the-art Online Hemodiafiltration (OL-HDF) for efficient blood purification. Our dedicated team of specialized medical professionals and experienced nurses has a long-standing commitment to caring for kidney disease patients. We provide comprehensive services, including diagnosis, treatment, and intensive care. We prioritize a conducive environment, modern equipment, and well-maintained, comprehensive facilities.

Signs that may raise suspicion of kidney disease include

Early detection, treatment, and proper self-care play a crucial role in slowing down kidney deterioration. If a person has advanced kidney disease and requires dialysis or blood filtration, consistent adherence to dietary guidelines, regular medical check-ups, and diligently following the doctor’s recommendations can contribute to an improved quality of life and potentially extend life expectancy.


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